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Highland Ghost Hunters

Paranormal Investigations and Studies in MI since 2005

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Unexplained Photos
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We will provide you with photos taken by HGH members that cannot be explained as of yet.
Please view these and read our descriptions. It's up to you to decide what your opinions and/or views are. We are not claiming any of these photos as positive proof of the paranormal, simply unexplained.

Originals Cropped
Pic 1               Pic 2                 Pic 3
Edited with enhancement
These three photos were taken one after another, only seconds apart. There were no
statues/decorations around this area, as we are very fimillar with this particular cemetery.
In photo 1 the possible figure appears more clearly, giving the appearance of it possibly fading throughout
the duration of the three photos. This could very well be a case where our minds create images out of
patterns naturally (known as matrixing). We are not by any means claiming this photo to be positive
evidence of the paranormal. We just simply don't have an explanation on how this occurred.
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