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Highland Ghost Hunters

Paranormal Investigations and Studies in MI since 2005

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The Highland Ghost Hunters of Michigan is a paranormal investigative team formed in October of 2005, based out of Oakland County, Michigan. We conduct searches for true hard evidence of paranormal activity and the spiritual world. Our goal is to perform investigations to try to determine the probability of life after death and help those dealing with unknown activity through education.

It's said that the majority of paranormal claims are actually caused by natural or psychological occurrences. We go into an investigation trying to recreate an event or find a "natural" cause/source for the claimed paranormal activity and evidence possibly captured.

We are meant to help people with compassion, understanding, and explanations. Our investigations are held anywhere from public memorial sites to private residential areas and businesses.

There are NEVER any fees or charges for HGH's services!

We are also here for your support. If you would like to speak to someone about something you have witnessed or experienced and feel the need to consult with people who understand, please e-mail us at 


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Experiencing Paranormal Activity in Michigan?

Are you experiencing possible paranormal activity in your home or business? Are you in need of helpful assistance? Please fill out the consultation/investigation request form.

We will contact you with any additional information we may need, and provide you with details of our services.

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Paranormal Link Exchange

Are you a paranormal investigative group interested in exchanging links with HGH? Please E-mail us a link to your website along with the logo you would like displayed.


Do You Know of Any Haunted Locations in Michigan?

If you know of a haunted location in SE Michigan and are interested to see the results form a paranormal investigation conducted there,

After researching the history, we may use your suggested location as one of our upcoming events.

Be sure to include the name and the city of the claimed "haunted" location, along with a description of the activity you have witnessed or heard of.

If we are interested in conducting a paranormal investigation at your suggested location, we will contact you with information on the upcoming event and place a full report containing details of the investigation on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!! 
Haunted Travels of Michigan

The Highland Ghost Hunters have worked with Haunted Travels/TR Desktop Publishing since 2007, conducting joint investigations
in search of true
paranormal phenomena.

The newest book is out, Haunted Travels of Michigan, Volume 2.

Highland Ghost Hunters are featured in both volumes!


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Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH
(Shawshank Redemption Prison)


photo courtesy of

Calling all Friends and Family:
We are renting out OSR for a private hunt again soon.
Please send us an email to
to inform us that you are interested!




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